Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Stephanie and I’m your typical 24 year old living in the outskirts of LA. I absolutely love to bake sweet goods (and sometimes cook). I’m a foodie and a self-taught baker who enjoys to eat as much as whipping things up. I also believe that traveling the world is a must since there is so much to see and experience, so you will be seeing a bit of my wanderlusting as well.

I go to school at CSULA and am majoring in kinesiology to become an occupational therapist. However, at this moment I am taking a break. I fell ill (although I don’t like using that word to describe this, it shall do) back in April 2016 with an anxiety disorder; panic to be specific, accompanied by agoraphobia (the fear of panic attacks). How ironic huh??? Anyways, it has been a major hurdle in life thus far and something that I am still struggling with on a day to day basis and I want to do my part in breaking the stigma around mental illness by talking about it more. If you are reading this and would like to talk more with me about it, I promise I don’t bite! I hope that this blog will give me another outlet to help with my anxiety, connect with others, as well as do/share the things I love.