Thanks for visiting The Buttery Whisk! I’m Stephanie Suen and I’m your typical twenty something year old living in the outskirts of LA. I absolutely love to bake sweets and cook. I’m a big ol’ foodie in a small body and a self-taught baker who enjoys to eat as much as whipping things up. Back in April 2016 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder; panic to be specific, accompanied by agoraphobia (the fear of panic attacks). I was later diagnosed with depression and it has been a major hurdle in life thus far. It is something that I am still struggling with on a day to day basis, but I do my best to see the brighter side. It has completely open my eyes to the world of mental health and I want to do my part in breaking the stigma around mental illness by talking about it more, hence the blog! Through this blog I hope to be able to connect with others, as well as do/share the things I love. Follow along or shoot me a message, I promise I don’t bite!