DIY Foodtography Backdrop

Raise your hand if you’re working around a budget and can’t afford high end, beautifully made backdrops??? I know I am. There are tons of backdrop options out there for those of us who are into food photography, but they can cost a leg and an arm if ya know what I mean. Don’t get it twisted, I think that if you had the money to afford it, it’s absolutely great to have. For those of you who don’t or would like to save a little or even just try to make your own, I’m giving you the step by step on how to do it. Many people have messaged me about it on my instagram, and it’s great to be able to share what I know, so here it goes.

what you’ll need

  • 2′ x 4′ wooden board cut into two pieces (I got mine at Home Depot in the wood section for $7, plus you can ask them to cut it in half for you).
  • 2-3 sample/tester colors of your choice (I chose a white, lighter color of choice, & a darker color of the same shade).
  • 4″ paint roller.
  • Dish washing sponge.
  • Paper plate.
  • Newspaper (to lay things down on if you get a bit messy).

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what to do

  • If you’re using newspaper, lay it out on the floor.
  • Lay one of the wooden boards on top of the paper.
  • Using the rough side of the sponge, lightly brush the board to make sure there’s no little chunks of wood hanging on.
  • Remember to shake your paints a bit before opening them.
  • Take the white and pour a glop onto the board & roll it on with your paint roller util the whole board is coated, pouring more as needed.

what to do continued…

  • Now, while the paint is still wet, pour your lighter color onto the board and use your sponge (soft side) & dab it all over. This part does NOT have to be perfect. In fact I love it when there’s still a lot of white peaking through.
  • Then you’ll pour little glops of the darker color around the board & continue to dab it with the sponge creating darker spots.
  • Dab away or until you feel satisfied with your backdrop.
  • Drying time will depend on how thick your coat of paint is (I usually let mine dry overnight just in case).

*If you lost some color due to it blending, you can always add more of what you need little by little.

I hope you guys enjoy making these as much as I do, and remember to tag me in your photos if you make it! I got everything I needed at Home Depot, and I already had a sponge and plate at home. If you’re hesitant, just go for it! It is seriously super simple to make, and it looks gorgeous with any color, even plain colors. Whenever I shoot with my gray backdrop, I just sit there and admire the textures it gives off in the photo. It’s definitely my go to and is a staple for me. Here’s another one I did with just two colors, a darker blue & white. I paint rolled the darker color and sponged on the white. STUNNING!

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*As a disclaimer, these are not “food safe”, but just take caution when placing your actual foods on top without any plates, pans, or parchment paper etc… Also, I clean them right up after using them with a lysol wipe and that usually does the trick.


  1. This is such an approachable idea. I’m going to give this a shot.

    1. Thank you so so much! I really hope you do try it out, it’s honestly a great way to make backdrops! ☺️♥️

  2. Can’t wait to try this Stephanie!

    1. OMG I can’t wait for you to try it tooooo ☺️ did you decide what color you’re doing?!

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