Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles


A museum of ICE CREAM?! Here in LA??? Needless to say, it was a must for me to get tickets. Ever since I heard about this museum about a year ago popping up in Manhattan, New York, I’ve been itching for a chance to experience it. Although the artwork and tastings weren’t exactly the same, I had a blast and loved it. Every “room” was original and distinct from one another, and looking forward to the next treats definitely made me feel like a kid again. I ended up going with my boyfriend and best friends after having lunch at a close by restaurant called Zinc Cafe & Market (a vegetarian place that has lovely outdoor seating and serves awesome food, check it out if you get the chance).


This was the first “room” we entered where we were able to reach down a little ice cream cart and grab a piece of chocolate. It was a tough decision, but this was most likely my favorite wall. Every detail and sweet was perfectly placed and it looked AWESOME! Can’t you tell I was excited?! Look at that cheesy smile 😀



We then went through a door into this adorable pink room with pink telephones. How cute were these old school phones?! I used to own a pink hello kitty dial phone and seeing these reminded me of it.


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Our first tasting came right after in this super hip room with 4 completely different walls. We each got a scoop of McConnell’s salted caramel and banana flavored ice cream (which I didn’t know at the time would be the best tasting). I’m not a huge fan of banana ice cream and it was a tad too sweet, so I didn’t finish it, but I still enjoyed it.


Next came the room FULL of bananas. They hung from the ceiling in batches and they looked so real. And I can’t forget the wall with a scratch and sniff, that was definitely something I haven’t done since I was a kid-o. Plus there was a pair of swing sets that we were all able to take a little ride on (sorry for the bad picture quality, they were screenshots of a video) .

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After spending a good amount of time going bananas in that room, we stepped into the mint room. Here we had a taste of Mymo Mochi ice cream, mint chip flavored. I wish the piece was bigger because I devoured that one haha. This room was a cute pastel mint color and was full of mint plants, but I was a bit disappointed the room didn’t smell like mint 🙁


We continued on into a pretty bright and colorful room, let’s call it the sherbet room. This was one of the smaller rooms and I couldn’t get too many pictures due to the mass of people around us, but I loved the colors. For some reason yellow always makes me a bit more smiley and happy (maybe because it reminds me of the sun…who knows).


As we continued onward, we went through a completely white hallway where we were able to take a little video of ourselves with this all white background. I really liked this wall too, and I just came to realize, I have a soft spot for walls that have things hung on them haha. All the items on the wall were simple things, but together it looked aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. And check out those high heels! I wanna pluck those cherries right off and into my mouth :p


Don’t worry, there aren’t too many pictures left, we’re more than halfway through! Around the hallway was this room of…. MELTING POPSICLES! They’re a bit strict with some of the artwork as certain artists come a long way to create them. SOOO we weren’t allowed to touch these, but they were pretty cool to look at.


The next and third to last room was the gummy bear room. They had a cart filled with gummies and we each got a scoop to munch on as we walked around and hugged life sized gummy bears! Tell me that’s not freaking awesome! And at this point I was most likely on a sugar high… but that was only preparing me for the last room, which you will see sooooon.



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Are you a cookie dough fan??? Because you would’ve liked this next room. Here we were served a little cone with charcoal cookie dough as we checked out this piece of artwork. I thought this piece was absolutely a sight to see in person. All the cones and ice creams stuck to the wall and melting off… I had to fight the urge to stick my cookie dough cone onto the wall too!


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And you’ve guessed it, the last but not least room was the SPRINKLE POOL room!!!! I think this one speaks for itself…. The only downside of this amazing pool full of sprinkles, was that it sort of smelled like feet and sweat :'( Kind of gross… so if you’re a germaphobe this probably wouldn’t suit you. And mind you, you only get ~3 mins in here! OOOH AND… you’ll end up finding sprinkles later on in the day in places you would’ve never thunk would have sprinkles.




After all that excitement, we exited and came to the actual last room. We got our last tasting here, which was a pancake ice cream sandwich. There was a ping pong table here for you to play with, an ice cream sandwich swing to ride on, and a shop full of ice cream goodies that you could purchase.


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All in all, I had an absolute blast at the museum of ice cream and wouldn’t mind coming again if I could. Unfortunately, I believe that tickets are sold out so you’ll have to keep an eye out to see if they’ll be offering any more coming up.

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I forgot to mention, they also have a play area in the front while you wait for your turn to get inside 😀


“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” -Nina Dobrev

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