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Hello friend,

Welcome to my blog! I’m Stephanie Suen, and here’s little bit about me: I grew up in and around Los Angeles, but my parents were born in Hong Kong. I have a huge family (from my mom’s side) because my grandma popped out 9 kids… NINE, most of them being female. I am an only child, so naturally I grew up around a lot of adults (mainly women). Yet along side all those aunts & uncles, I got about 8 female cousins who shared my childhood with me (8 of us girls…I know, we have some pretty strong genes). Cooking and eating has a special place in all of our hearts because delicious dishes are what brings our family together. We love to get together to talk and laugh over drinks and good food. My grandma is an amazing cook, and although she makes authentic Chinese food, I’ve watched her do her thing ever since I was a little girl. She lived with me up until the last couple of years. So to say that she piqued my interest in the kitchen would be quite on point.

Baking has always been a constant passion of mine since I could remember. My family and I would go to Las Vegas a ton when I was younger. I still remember going to those fancy buffets and gazing at those little plated deserts thinking, oh I wish I could do this when I’m older. But as I grew up, I tossed that dream aside to focus on what the world told me to. I studied and worked my ass off. I slowly, but surely overworked myself into a deep deep hole.

Back in April 2016 I was disagnosed with an anxiety disorder; panic to be specific, accompanied by agoraphobia (the fear of panic attacks). How ironic huh? It has been a MAJOR hurdle in life thus far and it’s something that I am STILL struggling with on a day to day basis. I definitely have my good and bad days throughout the week, but I have an amazing support system to lean on. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and that is an understantemnt.  I want to do my part in breaking the stigma around mental illness by talking about it more, so you will be getting the ins and outs of my journey here on this blog, mixed with my kitchen messes and travels.

I believe that you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. The mind is an extremely powerful organ and we should all exercise it the way we exercise the rest of our physical body. Be kind to yourself and be okay with mistakes. If you or anyone else is struggling with a mental illness or any other problem in life, I’ve gone through my fair share and will always have an open mind and patient ear to listen to what you or anyone has to say, so don’t feel afraid to reach out or reply. I’m really just a self taught baker trying to share my story and helps others.

Much love,

Stephanie Suen

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