Welcome to The Buttery Whisk

Food photography, food styling & recipe development is my passion. I aim to bring your brand/business the most drool worthy pictures and recipes for print, commercial or social use.

Branded Work

I've worked with brands such as...

King Arthur Baking

Nielsen Massey



Bob's Red Mill

& more.


Providing businesses, brands & restaurants photos for social media, magazines, cookbooks, menus and more. Creating drool worthy shots that draws an individual's eyes. Whether we are in a private studio or on-site, I can capture still or action based shots tailored to your needs and aesthetics.


Producing top notch recipes that will take your business to the next level. Not only will they taste phenomenal, they can be adjusted to a smaller or larger scale as needed. Whether you want to use the highest quality ingredients or need something simple, easy and nutritious. I can help incorporate specific ingredients to evoke a distinct feel or flavor.


From designing larger table scapes to zooming in on the tiniest of details, I give each angle of food styling my utmost attention. Specific foods look better in certain light, such as harsh vs. natural vs. artificial lighting. Props play a huge roll as well. I will be able to tell you what will and will not work with your brand or business to help you stay true to what you stand for. 

Seasonal Work

Available for hire for campaigns, quarterly and long term contracts. Contact me for more information.

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